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OAK Network builds an Operating System for smart contracts on Polkadot.

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ArchitectureThe recipe of a high-performance, extensible Smart Contract VM
Runtime LayerOn-chain Oracle intergration eliminating the requirement of off-chain relay servers
Virtual Machine LayerNew instruction and transaction type enabling a pub-sub interaction between contracts
Application LayerEnhanced Wallet Connect protocol supporting autonomous transasction configuration on mobile
Smart Contract BreakthroughOAK VM design enables the event-driven execution model and autonomous flow of assets
Same Interface, new implementationWith an EVM-compatible interface, there is zero programming barrier for Solidity developers to migrate their existing dApps from Ethereum.
Publish-Subscribe CapabilitiesSubscribe to contract events and updates about on-chain transactions, balances, and more.
Computational efficiencyThe event-driven execution model prioritizes messages and makes computations cost efficient.
Native UpgradabilityThe redesign of account versioning will fully support forward and backward compatibility and make proxy upgradable smart contracts obsolete.
Modular ProgrammingPre-defined modules streamline the smart contract development process and reduce testing overhead.
For End UsersUsability is a key metric for OAK innovation, and a major driving factor for massive adoption
Automaterepetitive transaction signing such as interest claiming, retrying on failure, and more.
Connectany number of dApps to execute in serial with a few clicks.
Delegatecomplex tasks to experienced devs on the OAK keeper network.
Future ProductsThe fully autonomous decentralized applications that bridge the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 worlds
Zapier for dAppsZapier is a $5B business that connects and automates Web 2.0 applications such as Slack and Gmail. Imagine the unlimited number of user scenarios that can be created on blockchain.
Advanced DEX tradingUsers can enjoy the advanced trading options such as stop loss, trailing stop, and iceberg orders missing on-chain today.
Recurring PaymentA business can sign up on OAK Pay and receive recurring payments of any assets from customers and auto-convert them to a preferred asset.
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Early BackersWe share the same vision with futuristic investment institutions all over the world
Singular VC
AdvisorsOAK is backed by the most prominent innovators and thought leaders in the blockchain industry
Yiannis VarelasFounding PartnerMonday Capital

Yiannis Varelas is the founding partner at Monday Capital, an engineer, and a serial entrepreneur. Investing in early stage blockchain startup, Monday Capital often writes the first check to a founding team and leads the seed funding round.

Michael DaughertyEx-Chief Strategy OfficerAngelList

Michael Daugherty is Chief Product Officer at SFR3 and formerly Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Venture at AngelList. He graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science.

Ryón NixonSynthetix U.S. CounselEx-Solana General Counsel

Ryón founded his own venture Horizons Law and Consulting in 2016 and has become an uprising blockchain lawyer superstar ever since. He has worked as legal counsel for many well-known names such as Solana, MyCrypto, SNX, Framework Ventures and Moonpay.

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