Become an OAK Network Ambassador
As Polkadot and Kusama continue to expand by enabling the evolution of innovative technologies, their communities will grow in tandem strengthening the ecosystems.
OAK Network will provide the DotSama community with seamless, trustless, and secure automation for consumers by blending into the background and enabling the everyday consumer to take our functionality for granted.
If you are interested in building a future that can release the potential of trustless automation please consider joining the OAK Network Ambassador Program.

Upcoming Opportunities

May - June 2022
Base donation $200 monthly in tokens
Up to $2500 + in additional monthly bounties
Rewarded the first Monday of every month
Monthly review process
Additional HODL Rewards
payment can be received in the following forms
100% USDC = no added % bonus
50%/50% USDC/TUR = 5% added bonus in TUR
100% TUR = 10% added bonus in TUR

How to Become an Ambassador

We are looking for candidates who are passionate about OAK and trustless automation to become Ambassadors and share their own vision of OAK across Web3. Specifically, we are currently looking for help with the following:
  • Creating original content; such as writing blogs, creating videos, developing tutorials, etc.
  • Translating existing content
  • Hosting events
If you believe in our project and would like to join an elite group of individuals working closely with the OAK team to realize our vision, please click the link below to apply.

Ambassador Levels

Our tiered structure with its hybrid rewards concept creates a wide array of opportunities for those who want to contribute. This scalable architecture featuring strategic incentives for participants is designed to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of the community.
An Acorn is a community participant who has expressed interest in creating content, moderating, and/or contributing to increasing our brand with voluntary work. We expect to reward personnel who participate in this capacity through non-monetary compensation (i.e. t-shirt, bag, NFT, etc.).
Saplings are Acorn members who have excelled as a volunteer and have exceeded expectations as community moderators in our Discord by contributing tangible items. For example, community moderating across multiple channels, including but not limited to content generation and growth strategy. For Acorns to achieve this status, they must present a 1-month work review along with future plans. Base rewards and bounties will be available for all Saplings.
Blue OAK Ambassadors are our highest community brand advisors. To attain this level members must demonstrate dedicated commitment to the OAK Network. This person's impact requires extensive work and is likely someone who can execute key growth components for the organization. Double base rewards and bounties will be available for Blue OAKs.