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Thank you to all of our crowdloan participants. We will distribute your initial OAK rewards after parachain launch.
Please check the rewards page below for a detailed breakdown of your rewards and vesting.
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Crowdloan Rewards
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Crowdloan Details

To get the most out of the OAK Crowdloan, please read the Rewards Guide carefully

Start Date

Sept 20th 2022 7PM GMT

End Date

Sept 29th 2022 5PM GMT

Target Slot


Crowdloan Hardcap

150,000 DOT

Leasing Period

96 Weeks

Min Contribution


Base Reward

1 DOT : 75.5 OAK

Bonus Reward

Up to 20% + 560 OAK

Campaign Timeline
To get the most out of the OAK Crowdloan, please carefully read the Rewards Guide carefully
Crowdloan begins
Auction Ending Period begins
Auction ends
Parachain on-boarding
We are here

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Check out our frequently answered questions below, and do not hesitant to reach out in Discord for any other questions
How many OAK will I get from my DOT contribution?
The base reward is 75.5 OAK per 1 DOT contributed. Contributors can earn more based on individual and community milestone rewards. Of the 1 billion OAK tokens vesting initially, up to 1.5% is allocated to crowdloan rewards.
What is the minimum amount to participate?
5 DOT. Direct contributions and contributions made via mobile wallet require users to hold a minimum balance of 6.1 DOT. If contributing though our partners, please make sure to check out their website for the least requirements.
What is the minimum amount to receive the community milestone bonus?
Contributors of at least 15 DOT from one wallet will be eligible for the community milestone bonus.
How long will my DOT be locked?
Your DOT will be locked for the full duration of OAK’s parachain lease, which is 96 weeks.
When will I receive my OAK?
You will receive your OAK after OAK Network wins a parachain slot, launches the network, and enables token transfer. Please see the OAK Launch Page (coming soon) for more details.
Can I use Ledger wallets?
Ledger wallets are not supported, even if they are connected to the Polkadot.js wallet.
How do I get a referral code?
There are two ways. We have sent you an email with a referral code when you first signed up to the OAK Crowdloan newsletter on this site. Another option is to connect your Polkadot.js wallet in the crowdloan section. Once your wallet is connected, we will ask for your email for communication and send a referral code to your inbox.